Vegan food for vegetarian dogs

Among the different options that we have at our disposal to feed our dog correctly, we can choose to include or not meat products in their diet making use of what is known as vegan. Vegetarian dog food consists of preparing the feed by the manufacturer, without using any product of animal origin. Making a totally vegetarian formulation. But … is it healthy for our dog? To answer this question we must first study the digestive system of our dog, which is fully developed to eat and digest meat products, not vegetables.

The jaw of the dog is designed to eat meat, its sharp teeth and butcher’s teeth are fully designed to scratch, cut and chew meat. His stomach and intestines are also prepared to eat meat, having difficulty digesting plant products. So obviously, a dog is not prepared or adapted to be fed only and exclusively with plant products. While it is true that you can tolerate and assimilate certain vegetables in small quantities, most of your diet must be meat.

So the answer is no, a dog can not have a healthy and balanced life if it is fed with an exclusive vegan feed. We must understand and accept that your body is not prepared for it. Actually vegetarian food does not bring any benefit to the dog, quite the opposite. Feeding a dog exclusively with vegetables is condemning him to suffer nutritional imbalances and health problems.

Humans are omnivorous, which means that our body can assimilate practically any food, be it animal or vegetable. That’s why we can choose between eating everything, meat or vegetables.

It is totally respectable to choose the option of eating only vegetables, but it is not obligatory to force a carnivorous animal like the dog to be a vegetarian only because of the beliefs of the person who feeds it.

Do not make the mistake of trying to make your dog vegetarian, because he is a carnivore and needs to feed on animal proteins to have good health and meet their nutritional needs. Unlike vegetable proteins, animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids needed, so they become proteins of high biological value.

Any carnivorous animal needs to include in its diet between sixty and seventy percent of high quality proteins of animal origin. So feeding a dog with plant proteins exclusively is a big mistake.

Vegetable proteins are good for humans because we can digest them and assimilate them, maintaining a balanced diet we can do without meat products, but not for dogs. They need meat proteins in their diet.

Risks of vegetarian feed for dogs

Vegan dog food is entirely made with plant products, among which cereals are very often used. Using cereals in the formulation of a dog food is not bad, but always in small quantities (very small). The vegan feed is composed mostly of cereals, which is an incredible excess of carbohydrates. The use of legumes is also excessive, from soybeans to lentils or chickpeas … which produce many digestive problems when used in excess.

A dog fed with vegan feed will not only have a more delicate and precarious health, but also it will be much more prone to suffer from overweight. Due mainly to excess carbohydrates.

Recapture and value for a moment if it is worthwhile to apply vegetarian life to a dog, which is one hundred percent carnivore. It does not make any sense, do not do that to him because unintentionally, you will be torturing him.

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