How much does a Chihuahua dog eat a day?

Within the different breeds we find this small and friendly dog ??that is not only the ideal companion, but also we will pull more than one smile a day thanks to its games. Due to its small size the cost of its maintenance is also small , since in comparison with other races, it hardly eats, although that does not mean that we should not feed it well.

That’s why it’s important to know how much a Chihuahua dog eats each day, to plan his ration and divide it among the different shots that we give him throughout the day. The Chihuahua puppies are simply adorable, although very fragile due to their size. It is important to choose a diet that is specific for puppies of mini breeds, so the size of the croquette will be adapted to your mouth. The puppies do not stop growing, so it is important that we weigh our little Chihuahua each month and adjust their daily ration.

At general levels, the puppy food contains more calories than the feed for adult dogs, so pay attention to the feed manufacturer’s recommendations. This is an orientative table based on the months of life and weight of the dog:

Months of life 1 kilo of weight 2 kilos of weight 3 kilos of weight
2 23 gr. 49 gr. 65 gr.
3 32 gr. 54 gr. 75 gr.
4 33 gr. 56 gr. 80 gr.
5 33 gr. 55 gr. 80 gr.
6 28 gr. 50 gr. 70 gr.
7 24 gr. 45 gr. 65 gr.
8 24 gr. 40 gr. 65 gr.
The amount of food recommended for an adult Chihuahua dog is different from that of a puppy, because adult dog food does not contain so many calories at a general level and because adults are no longer growing, so they do not need as many nutrients.

Remembering that the Chihuahua are not dogs that we can exercise a lot because of their size, we have two options. Dogs with low physical activity, which just leave home and do not give rides and dogs with normal physical activity, which give two or three walks a day.

This is the recommended amount of food for an adult Chihuahua based on the daily exercise he does:
Activity 1 kilo 2 kilos 3 kilos 3,5 Kilos
Low 23 gr. 40 gr. 53 gr. 60 gr.
Normal 27 gr. 45 gr. 60 gr. 65 gr.
Yes and no, older dogs can eat the same amount of food as an adult dog but we must change their adult dog food for one specific for older / elderly dogs. This is because older dogs have hardly any caloric waste and the Food that is specially formulated for them contains fewer calories and more protectors for joints and bones.

So we can respect the daily amount in grams that we gave him when he was an adult, but modifying his diet from normal to “senior” or “old”. Each professional dog sector has its own criteria regarding the amount of rations to eat a Chihuahua a day, but at general levels, these are the most recommended.

Chihuahua puppies: Between three and four takes per day (breakfast / lunch / snack / dinner)
Adult dogs: Three daily meals (breakfast / lunch / dinner)
Elderly dogs: Two or three takes per day (breakfast / dinner)
Remember that if your dog should eat for example sixty grams of food a day and you will give him three shots, you should divide the total between the shots. So that in each take I would eat twenty grams of food.

Always put fresh and clean water at your dog’s disposal, dog food is usually very thirsty and they need to drink several times throughout the day. If you think your dog drinks too much water, you should read: My dog ??drinks too much water.

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