List of fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat

List of fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat

Despite the belief that dogs are strictly carnivorous, they are actually omnivores that eat a wide variety of plant material – even in nature.Like humans, dogs require the nutrients found in a number of vegetables and fruits; However, some fruits and vegetables are poisonous to your dog.

Green Vegetables for the Dog to Eat

Dark green vegetables are highly nutritious for humans and dogs. Broccoli, for example, is a great source of vitamin C, folic acid, beta carotene, and calcium.Other members of the cabbage family are also highly nutritious for your dog. Spinach is a source of energy for iron, in addition to providing calcium, potassium and various antioxidants.

Green beans and peas are also a favorite of dogs; consider using long and frozen green beans as a nutritious treat that also provides your dog with the satisfaction of crunching and chewing.Some colorful vegetables are also a favorite of dogs, as much as taste and nutritional value.Carrots add sweetness to your dog’s meal as they provide beta-carotene and other important nutrients. They are high in sugar levels, but can feed the dog in moderation.

Sweet potatoes are another favorite; many commercially available dog foods are now using sweet potatoes as the primary ingredient. Chilies, particularly red ones, provide beta carotene and fiber as well as other nutrients and antioxidants.

Fruits for the dog to eat

Fruits are simple sugars: the energetic foods of the natural world. Just like with people, fruits can give a flow of energy to your body while they are sweet and pleasant.More than vegetables, however, fruits are considered more toxic to your dog. In many cases, they are simply seeds, lumps or stems that are poisonous.Give your dog a cut apple and remove the house and seeds as a healthy treatment; or even some seedless tomatoes if your dog likes to eat.Fruits and vegetables that are poisonous for dogs to eat
Unfortunately, eating with the healthy fruits and vegetables you eat is not as simple as that. Some can cause serious illness or even death.Apple seeds, apricot kernels, cherry kernels are toxic to dogs. Avocado and onions are particularly dangerous; raisins and grapes can cause serious problems in your dog.


When choosing a good diet for our dog we must take into account many factors that normally, we ignore. Buying dog food can be very easy if we follow these simple tips.

And no, you should not worry about the price since the best food for your dog does not have to be the most expensive, in fact the most expensive products are simply the ones that invest the most in marketing campaigns – advertising.

Feeding your dog well not only will you have a happier dog, but you will also have a much healthier dog, which will help you save on veterinary expenses.

Buy the best known brand feed, the first mistake

That a company invests a lot in advertising does not mean by far that it also invests a lot in quality, normally and with few exceptions, the companies that invest the most in advertising are those that least worry about the quality of their products.

buy quality dog ??feed

When buying a dog food we must focus on the composition of the dog, that is, its ingredients. High quality feed always contains meat products as main ingredients, leaving pulses and cereals as small parts of their composition and not as the main ones.

You can learn a lot about the composition of feed from: How to choose the best dog feed

The cheapest feed is also good
The second mistake most made by dog ??owners is to think that the sack of feed that can be bought in the mall for very little money, is also of quality …. because that’s why they sell it there.

While it is true that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive feed, it is also true that the cheapest one will surely leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality and composition. It is not feasible to look how you look, sell a bag of twelve kilos for thirty euros or something similar.

Avoid all means to buy dog ??food in shopping centers and food chains, because most of the products sold there do not even reach the minimum quality recommended for a dog.

Follow the recommendation of our veterinarian

With all due respect to the great profession of the veterinarian, a veterinarian is a doctor for animals, not a nutritionist. Therefore, most veterinarians do not really have much knowledge about dog food, sometimes even recommending really bad products.

In many cases, they simply recommend the products that they sell in their shop / shop in order to obtain a small commission on the sale, be it the product of greater or lesser quality.

And beware, do not put all the vets in the same bag … there are great criteria when it comes to recommending a good feed for our dog. Simply, it is not usual.

On the other hand there are many dog ??food companies that come to veterinary schools to give courses and guidance classes on dog food, inculcating your brand directly to get more sales in the future … you have to be careful with these things and assess ourselves the composition of the feed.

Buy a feed for our dog, not for us

Our dog loves fish but we buy a Bison feed because it is cooler and convinces us more …. Are you going to eat it? Well, that’s it, try to buy a feed that contains the ingredients that your dog likes, not you.

In addition, it is highly recommended to vary of feed every three or four months so that it has diversity in the ingredients and in the taste and smell. In this way, we will prevent him from ending up bored.

We must also have the size of our dog to choose a croquette more or less large, we should not feed a small breed dog with a feed for large breeds or vice versa.

Another important factor is knowing if we want a light feed for our dog, a normal feed for dogs with little physical activity or a dog feed for work. Choosing correctly will prevent our dog from having nutritional imbalances.

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