Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?Are Strawberries Healthy for Dogs?

can dogs eat strawberries

Can dogs eat strawberries? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat strawberries, but there are some things you should know before feeding your dog with strawberries. Strawberries are full of healthy nutrients that are good for dogs, but like anything good, they are best enjoyed in moderation. Strawberries are not toxic or poisonous to dogs, but they do contain sugar and too many strawberries can cause an upset stomach. Always ask your veterinarian before sharing human foods with your dogs, including strawberries, since dogs with certain medical conditions may not be able to handle them. This is what you should know about feeding strawberries to dogs.

Can I feed my dog ​​with strawberries?

Hot weather means that fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance in food and juices and just as we are incorporating into our diet, we can incorporate all the fruits and vegetables into our dogs’ diet.It can be difficult or confusing to find out which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog to eat, but can give strawberries for your dog to eat. Yes, your best friend can eat fresh strawberries.However, you should not feed your dog with canned strawberries or strawberries in syrup. These are not good and safe for your pet.

Strawberries are not just a healthy sweet treat for your dog. Over time, fresh fruit helps with aging, strengthens the immune system and helps with weight management. Removing the high fat from salty snacks and also helps with your puppy’s teeth.So now that you know you can give strawberry to your dog, what is the safest way for the dog to eat strawberry? Well, it is recommended that you cut the fruit into small pieces to avoid choking and digestion easier. If you have a smaller dog, you can make a puree and add in the food that the dog normally eats.

Add any  another food in your dog’s diet, it is always a good idea, consult your veterinarian before adding the strawberry on your own. Once you start adding strawberries to your dog’s diet, be careful, and start with small amounts and attention to any change in behavior or digestive problems. If you notice anything strange, stop adding strawberry to your dog’s diet.

And just in case you’re wondering what other fruits you can feed your dog to keep it fresh and healthy, here are some more fruits:

Frozen bananas
Watermelon (remove seeds)
Apples (remove seeds and core)


How are strawberries good for dogs?

Strawberries are sweet and delicious, and most dogs will love them at times, especially during the warm months when they are in season. Strawberries contain fiber, which is good for digestion, and Omega-3, which is good for the health of the skin and coat. They are also a good source of vitamins C, B1, B6 and K, as well as potassium, iodine, magnesium and folic acid. This is a fruit that is not only delicious, but will also give your dog a healthy boost.

When are strawberries bad for dogs?

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Strawberries contain sugar, which some dogs have trouble handling. Any dog ??that eats too many strawberries may have an upset stomach and suffer some gastrointestinal discomfort. It is best to stick to moderation, and you should always ask your veterinarian or nutritionist about the appropriate portions for your particular dog. If you have a strawberry garden, control your dog’s access and make sure they are not eating too many strawberries. If you use pesticides or herbicides, do not let your dog eat those strawberries.Canned or processed strawberries, candy containing strawberries or products that contain artificial strawberry flavors are not good for dogs. They usually contain excess sugar, syrup, sweeteners, preservatives and chemicals, and sometimes even chocolate or xylitol, which are toxic to dogs. If your dog eats these foods, they may need a trip to the emergency vet.As with almost all foods, there is a risk that your dog will have an allergic reaction to strawberries. Rarely, this can lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition. If you notice signs of an allergic reaction in your dog, such as swelling, coughing, sneezing, hives, difficulty breathing or other symptoms, stop giving strawberries to your dog and consult your veterinarian immediately.

My dog ??likes strawberries, but I have doubts. Dogs can eat strawberries, are dog strawberries good? DOGS CAN EAT
Not all dogs like strawberries, but many of them do appreciate this rosy fruit. Some people wonder why dogs can not eat strawberries? because there are many myths about canine and feline feeding. How many strawberries your dog eats? If you give many, you could get diarrhea from the acids in strawberries. In addition the strawberry is rich in sugars, and that in large doses is not healthy for dogs. Dogs can eat strawberries (or strawberries, it is the same). In fact, strawberries in small doses are good and very healthy for dogs, as they provide a bit of variety to their diet and also some important nutrients. Among the properties of strawberries are:

Strawberries provide natural hydration and very few calories (they are a perfect and natural snack!) They have natural antioxidants, such as vitamin C, which helps delay cell aging and improves the immune system Minerals such as magnesium and copper Tannins Lecithin and pectin Flavonoids like fisetina. Other healthy fruits for dogs: But strawberries are not the only fruit you can give your dog friend! As health is the variety, we propose other 22 fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat.

Video of dog eating strawberries


Watch how dogs can eat strawberries and in fact many love them. In addition to strawberries, you will find a lot more fruits that you can offer your dog. If you like this video do not forget to subscribe to the PetDarling channel on YouTube, to continue learning about dog nutrition, and to learn many useful tutorials!

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