Can Dogs Eat Rice?Are Rice Healthy for Dogs?


Can Dogs Eat Rice?

There are many masterful explanations that are exposed about the dogs that come from the wolves and as stories, they are carnivorous animals that would only have fed on meat. Totally excluding cereals such as wheat, corn or rice.

However, although the theory is completely correct, dogs have lived with humans for a long time. During which they have fed mainly on food from humans.

So the dog’s digestive system has also evolved throughout this time, reaching an index and a number of foods that can reach their origins. Among them is of course one of the best cereals that dogs can take, rice. Very far from what you can get to think about what you are not sure of yourself, some cereals like rice beneficial in your diet.


Rice is, by far, the best cereal we can give a dog in its diet. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates that provides a high glycemic index, that is, a prolonged energy. Obviously in the quantity and balance with meat proteins is the secret of a correct use of rice in the nutrition of a dog. We can not base a dog’s diet simply on rice, or use it as the main source of his diet.

Dogs that suffer digestive or assimilation problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease (also known as canine IBD) tolerate much better low-fat diets, where rice can become one of the main ingredients of their diet always and When it is a dish of boiled rice with boneless chicken meat and a raw egg, it is a food of high nutritional value for both dogs and sick dogs. Used in the Barf diet for dogs and in many natural diets.

Therefore, contrary to what is said, comments by forums and social networks, rice is a great food for dogs. An excellent complement to your diet base, which should be composed of meat or fish.


However, we should not confuse rice with other cereals such as wheat or corn. Wheat and corn are cereals that can be introduced for a dog, which barely provide nutritional value and are simply used to fill the costs, in feed (balanced). Without a doubt, a feed containing rice among its ingredients in a high quality feed. Although you should be cautious and look at the list of ingredients, which and by law, should appear in order of highest to least quantity.

A feed whose first ingredient is rice is not good, which tells us that most of the food is rice and that is a big mistake. However, what is the third ingredient or the third ingredient that fish has?

Currently there is an absurd fashion of free-grain dog food, based on the absurd theory that the dog should only eat meat because it comes from the wolf and blah blah blah … In this way, they are creating balance foods, free of cereals , benefits like rice.

What they do not tell us, is that to replace the rice of the tons of legumes. Yes, you are feeding your dog with lentils and beans for the absurd fashion of not adding cereals to feed, eye, good cereals like rice. The child’s name must avoid them completely.

So, ask for a moment where you can be more nutritious for your dog, feed it with meat and a high-quality, highly digestible cereal such as rice, or feed a dog with meat and a bunch of low-nutrient legumes for the animals. Dogs … Think about it the next time you buy your dog’s food. Of course, the use of potato in dog food is simply like the use of legumes. lentil, beans or chickpea.

It is a marketing strategy to advertise cereal-free feeds, giving a meaning that they are of higher quality than those that do not have cereals. Something totally FALSE. The feeds that contain in its correct measure rice, are more nutritious and of greater biological value than those that are based on potatoes or legumes.


Obviously, we can not include here the feed that use corn, wheat, etc … this type of cereals if they are harmful, do not cause health damage because they have no nutritional value or biological for the dog.

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