Can Dogs Eat Bacon?Are Bacon Healthy for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Bacon?Are Bacon Healthy for Dogs?

Can my dog ​​eat bacon?

The short answer is no. Bacon is particularly rich in fat and most dogs are not able to metabolize large amounts of saturated fats, such as humans, leading to a painful stomach, diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite.The high salt content in bacon can sometimes swell the stomach or twist the intestines, which can be deadly if not surgically corrected. The pancreas can become painfully inflamed when a large amount of bacon (and its fat) is consumed, a condition called pancreatitis.

However, with extreme moderation, until the bacon can be ok, the dog should not eat bacon as a daily treat.

What is pancreatitis and bacon really can cause this?

The pancreas is designed to aid the digestion of food by producing enzymes that break down food. Unfortunately, it is not able to completely break an attack of saturated fats, the type of fat found in bacon. When it is overloaded with fat, the pancreas becomes inflamed.

As the inflammation takes over the pancreas, it blocks the enzymes from entering the digestive tract and causes them to flood the abdominal space. When this happens, enzymes begin to digest fat and proteins in other organs, including the pancreas. This is very painful for a dog, but it is treatable.

Signs of pancreatitis vary depending on the severity of the case. Almost all cases show a very painful abdomen. Dogs will walk very gently with their backs bent and will become aggressive if their abdomen is touched. If they still have an appetite, eating will increase the pain. They will have frequent bouts of vomiting as well as diarrhea. They may also develop a fever or a low body temperature.

Treatment of pancreatitis in dogs

When your veterinarian confirms the presence of pancreatitis through blood and x-rays / ultrasound, the treatment is quite straightforward. Your veterinarian will admit your dog and immediately administer intravenous fluids to release fat from the body. They can administer medication for pain as well as potassium if the dog’s levels are low.

The dog will not receive food for a few days to allow the pancreas to rest. When food is given again, it has to be low in fat and high in carbohydrates. For dogs that receive frequent bouts of pancreatitis, their diet needs to be low in fat to prevent more cases.

Can Dogs Have Bacon?

Bacon can be tasty, but the taste is not worth what you can do to your dog. Remember that even small amounts can harm your dog’s digestive system. Even though they do not eat enough bacon to create pancreatitis, you may see vomiting or diarrhea, which are always unpleasant.

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