Can Dogs Eat Oranges?Are Oranges Healthy for Dogs?

Can Dog Eat Oranges

When do you see that you eat a little? If so, you may wonder if they are safe for the dogs that are consumed. This fruit is considered to be very healthy, so it is logical that the owners ask for it. In particular, many wonder if vitamin C in an orange can be of benefit to dogs. In fact, dogs produce their own so they generally do not need any extra. Let’s look at some other factors so you can make your own determination regarding the food oranges. From the health point of view, it is likely that you are not doing your dog any favors by feeding them this delicious but acidic fruit. Oranges, in our humble opinion, should not be a regular part of your furry friend’s diet and certainly not necessary. Can I give my dog ??oranges? Answer: Yes, but not often Oranges, or tangerines, are not considered toxic, but they are probably not the best fruit for dogs. While some will tell you there are benefits, others consider all citrus fruits that can not deal with pets. It is usually fine to feed a small portion. Needless to say, you must remove the shell for them. When you really think about it, from taste alone, it’s fair to say that human beings can appreciate a good orange more than one dog can. Your emotion probably does not match your taste buds in this regard. Probably a better way to introduce fruits is an excellent package of the variety of canine treats with natural flavor, which are low in calories and do not contain preservatives. Always practice moderation Most fruits contain high sugar content and you should not feed the dogs in large quantities. However, they usually gobble up what they will provide so they have to look out for them. Part of an orange is fine, but rationing its part to reduce the potential to alter your digestive system. Oranges are rich in potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and thiamine, but there are certainly drawbacks. As stated earlier, they are very acidic and can cause diarrhea attacks during a lot of dogs. This is the main reason why many of the owners decide to exclude oranges all together. Why complicate the life of your best friend if you can avoid it. Oranges are in no way toxic, but the case can be made are inappropriate.Other popular fruits are bananas, pears, certain berries such as blueberries and strawberries, melons and apples – all without seeds. Some of these other options are considerably less acidic compared to oranges which is good. The point is, no matter what the fruit that is feeding your dog, do not overly depend on it because the canines are nourished by meat proteins. As a reminder, never feed your dogs or raisins grapes. Grapes in particular, are very toxic, affecting the kidneys and leading to kidney failure if ingested in large quantities.

Consider apples instead

The other classic is the apple, which is a great source of fiber and antioxidants. In relation to oranges, they are probably a more ideal fruit to give your dog, since they are considerably less acidic. That said, apples are a bit high in sugar so do not overdo it. If apples or oranges, try to know all the details before letting Fido participate.

can dog have oranges

Fruits are good, and possibly orange from time to time, but what your dog really needs is meat-based protein in your diet. By nature dogs are mostly carnivorous so the protein makes a lot of sense, much more than feeding oranges. Adhere to skinless, boneless meat and poultry products such as chicken and beef. Those smart decisions will undoubtedly provide the right nutrients for your dog, something that oranges can certainly not do.

Conclusion about oranges

Oranges, while considered healthy, are not a food that meets the requirements of canines. In fact, they can cause stomach upset. This acidic fruit should only be administered sparingly and monitor your dog afterwards. To make something quality treats of fruit-flavored dog is probably a better and more consistent way to introduce the world of fruits to your beloved furry friend.

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